Transformation Sequel: Aftermath

Its been too long since I’ve written. I’ve been transforming!

I have some amazing testimonials for you all and some information on the direction I am taking my blog and website. I am so excited to share the enlightenment and desires God has given me. As well as the trials. And I know for a FACT that all of His followers are receiving the same kind of different things. I’ll write a post on those!

Thank you for coming back to read my article after I went silent for a long time. That won’t be happening again anytime soon, I’ll tell you that.

I’ll create a “coming soon” or “changes” or “some other name with a little bit of wit” page.

Either way, I look forward to this next chapter. You should also listen to this song –

Seriously, listen to this song.

Turning Wounds Into Wisdom,

You Him and Her 💜

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