Praise His Name with Dancing!

Dancing is mentioned often in the Bible and is used throughout the Old Testament as a means of worship and praise to God.

I often hold dance parties in my living room with my children. We turn on some good dancing music and we dance for the Lord; to worship and glorify Him with the JOY He has given us.

There are plenty of Christian songs and genres at our fingertips and we switch up the groove everyday. Maybe you’re the type of person who enjoys Contemporary Christian music that you would hear on the K-Love radio station. Maybe you like rock music and find you like to worship God through the sounds of guitar riffs and solos. Perhaps you tend to go for the more Gospel genre. Either way, your ears are delighting in the divine worship of Christ through music, song, and dancing!

Today, my children and I broke a sweat to multiple songs and genres including Hip-Hop (yep, there are some amazing Christian rappers and I personally will bump my mom van sub-woofers as much as I can while listening to them), Praise, and Electronica or Techno beats.

There’s no need to have to listen to secular music in order for your kids to like the music you listen to. Explore other genres. Be open to them when it’s different from what you’d normally listen to. You will be very surprised by your head nodding and your body moving to music that is out of your norm with lyrics that are absolutely incredible AND good for your children to listen to.

Today, play this song with some volume! Don’t be scared to move as you praise God through your dancing. No one else is watching you but Him and trust me, He will be pleased.
God is pleased with dancing that worships Him!

for KING & COUNTRY – Joy (lyric video)

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