An Open Letter to My Husband’s Step-Father on Father’s Day

Sometimes we forget how much of an impact step parents make on the children they choose to take care of and love like their own.

I wanted to take the time today to express my thankfulness to my husbands Step-Father because without him in his life, who knows if he would’ve been so accepting and fearless on loving my oldest two children as his own.

It’s short and sweet but packs a lot of heartfelt meaning.

Have you expressed your thankfulness to that step-parent that may have impacted your husband in the same way?

Happy Father’s Day, Timothy!

I’m so thankful that Logan has you as his step-father. I’m not sure if you’re aware of the tremendous impact you have had on his life or not but the impact is one that can’t be measured.

Tim, if it weren’t for you, my children may not have had the opportunity to grow up and live the rest of their lives with the best step-father in the world – my husband.

Your love, guidance, and acceptance of your role as an influential man in Logan’s life is something he speaks of frequently, that I think about often, and something I will always be very thankful for.

Not only did you impact his life tremendously but by your selfless love, you have also impacted my life and the life of my children; without you, they wouldn’t have Logan and I wouldn’t either.

He saw your willingness to love children that weren’t biologically yours and that has and will forever inspire him and be a part of the man he is today.

So, thank you. Thank you for loving him. Thank you for being fearless in taking on that role. Thank you for never looking back and for always being there for him. Thank you for defining the meaning of step-father to my husband; now step-father to two amazing children that desperately needed a man like Logan in their lives.

Your love will continue to impact many lives and I’m grateful one of those lives is mine.

Enjoy your day and know how special you really are.

Sing some karaoke or something lol.

I love and miss you, Tim! You rock!

Kristen Newman

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