One Conversation Away from A New Mind

With one heart-lead conversation you could have a new mind. beloved. And don’t take it from me but take it from the Living Word of God.

Romans 12:2 empowers us that, when our mind is transformed, we will start to become specialists at realizing what the desire of God is. The Greek word “transformed” means “the change of moral character for the better.” As this psychological change happens, you will have a confirmation of what the plans and motivations behind God are for your life, empowering you to follow them.

When the Spirit of God has redesigned your mind, you will have the option to affect the lives of others as they tune in to the wisdom that has been given to you by the mind of Christ Himself.

Your mind comes into agreement with the desire of God, which scripture says is “good, acceptable, and perfect.” God has plans for you that are in every case perfect, that are adequate to Him, and that are an ideal fit for you! Furthermore, everything begins in your shiny new brain!

The Spirit of God is longing to share with you the thoughts of Father, however He can do so only when you are in day by day fellowship with Him. God’s considerations are not covered up, nor are they a riddle. He excitedly and generously longs for His children to know precisely what He is thinking. He desires that you desire Him. He needs you to be in dear friend­ship with the Spirit of God, who is a professional at knowing the mind of the Lord.

On the off chance that you are not associated with the mind of God through relationship with the the Holy Spirit, you will never comprehend His words. When we allow the Holy Spirit to transform our minds, we are able to understand situations, people, and events just as Jesus does.

This new mindset is just one conversation away: “Gracious, Master, give me Your mind! I desperately want Your thoughts and Your wisdom. Holy Spirit, I’m ready to be guided in truth.”

Humbly offer to your creator your mind, your feelings, your circumstances, your heart, your longings, your tongue, and the entirety of your control. Surrender with a genuine heart, “Lord, I am completely Yours!

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