Little Things We Do As Parents That Show We Aren’t As Terrible As We Think We Are

To ALL the terrible parents out there, you’re not so terrible after all.

Just when you feel like you’re a terrible parent, something small and simple reminds you that you’re actually quite the opposite.

I have been reminded countless times that I’m showering, changing, or using the bathroom with the door cracked open. Not only does my sister and husband laugh about that but they laugh even more because I always have the light turned off.

So I’m in the dark, door cracked, doing whatever I need to do. Weird.

While I was showering in the dark, I was talking to Father and then all of a sudden it hit me; the reason why I do this weird thing. He was revealing this to me to show me that I am a good mom when I don’t feel like I am.

Why do I do it? So I can hear my children if they need me and they can hear me. When I shower, I yell their names and let them know, “Hey, just making sure I can hear you and you can hear me!”.

This tiny, funny, and weird thing I do is something I do as a mother for the safety of my children. I’ve never thought of it as something that adds value to me as their mother but it really does. It shows them I love them and that I’m thinking of them.

Those little things we do, my beloved mothers, really show how much we love our children and that maybe we aren’t so terrible at this mothering thing after all.

Start paying attention to your quirks and the way you do things. Then ask yourself why. You’ll soon come to realize that you do things subconsciously for your children or husband without even thinking about it.

YOU really are a great parent!

Share some of those little things with the rest of us. There’s probably many parents who do the same things. 😊

Turning Wounds Into Wisdom,

You Him and Her 💜

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