Why You Need to Leave Your Pity Party

Now we come to a defeated Elijah sitting under a Juniper tree having a Pity Party!

  • He is in the rushing waters of turmoil.
  • He is being flooded with anguish and anxiety.
  • He is suffering from prophetic burnout and feels spiritually alone.
  • He is in a storm and not sure how he got to this point, let alone how to get out.
  • He feels spiritually defeated.

Elijah is now asking the question:

“How did I get here, as it was not supposed to happen this way?”

You may be riding high today but in every life there will come a time for you to be on WILDERNESS DUTY! The Bible says it rains on the just and the unjust.

Perhaps you are feeling much like Elijah is at this point,

“It Is Enough! I am tired of struggling with the Ahab’s and Jezebels of this world. I am weary from the spiritual attacks of the enemy. I don’t have what it takes to struggle with the forces of unrighteousness and I am tired of everything not going right for me.”

Here you are sitting under that Juniper Tree just like Elijah wanting to die.

How long are you going to sit?

How long are you going to hide from the Ahabs and Jezebels of the world?

How long are you going to refuse to sing and shout the name of the LORD even in places you don’t want to?

How long is the armor going to hang in your closet unworn?

It is time to get up! You are going through this wilderness!

Trouble will follow you wherever you go. What you run from over here will meet you over there!

God has given you an assignment and it is time to get up, for you have sat under your Juniper Tree long enough. He has placed within you the courage to arise and go!

Put on your armor and march forward, for there is nothing behind you worth turning back to. Your future and destiny in God lies ahead of you.

You have to leave your troubles and your burdens with Him and not sit down and give up. It is time to march into the enemy’s camp and take back what belongs to you!

The devil has stolen from you long enough. God is not calling us to sit, but TO STAND! You didn’t come to this wilderness to stay – it’s now time to come out.

If you trust and never doubt…..

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