“It’s All Spiritual”

“It’s All Spiritual”

As I mentioned back on Day 1, any God-ordained vision will have its roots in God’s overarching vision for this world. Yet some people think their vision has no such spiritual significance.

For example, somebody might say, “I’m not hoping to start a church or ministry or anything like that. I’m trying to get a business off the ground. What does that have to do with ‘God’s overarching vision for the world’?”

If you have a similar question in mind, think about this for a moment: God does not compartmentalize our lives.

From God’s perspective, there are no spiritual versus nonspiritual components of your life. He makes no distinction. There is no secular division of your life. You are a spiritual being. Therefore, everything you are involved in has spiritual overtones. He sees you holistically.

The Christians in the city of Corinth believed there was a division between the soul and the body. They thought they could sin with their bodies and it would have no impact on their souls. Paul pointed out that no such division existed. He told them that they were to glorify God with their bodies.

When Christ purchased you at Calvary, he purchased all of you: body, soul, and spirit. There is no division. You are to glorify God through your actions, regardless of where they take place and what role you are in at the time. You are to glorify God as a spouse, parent, friend, employee, boss, and citizen. What you do at the office, then, is no more or less spiritual than what you do at church or at home.

Consequently, there is a spiritual element to your vision regardless of which category of life it emanates from. There are no secular pursuits. Your vision does not exist apart from your responsibility to glorify God. The challenge is to discover the link.

Spend some time pondering this question: How can my heavenly Father be glorified through my vision?

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