About Her

This is a blog written by me, Her.

The first thing you should know is the meaning of my blog name – You Him and Her – so you can better understand where I am coming from. The “You” represents YOU, the reader. The “Him” represents God, our Almighty Father. The “Her” represents me.

It’s time to start self- reflecting, growing, and encouraging others in the process. If you don’t share your trials with others, how can you share how God has made you triumphant?

This is The Book of Her.

“Turning Wounds Into Wisdom” – Her 💜

Let’s do this together.

14 thoughts on “About Her

  1. Hi Kristin, another long-considered-but-first-time-acting-on-it blogger here! I love the open and encouraging energy that you give off in your writing, and I look forward to reading more!

      1. I have that trouble too! Constant narrative running in my head, but as soon as I try to get it all down, it either disappears or just refuses to come out right! Haha. With practice, I’m sure we’ll make it 🙂

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