Come Out of Hiding!

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Tonight the Lord said four words to me that His people need to hear. Four words that call a command:

“Come out of hiding!”

Get in His word. Tell Him you need His help to let go of that pride, fear, and entitlement. He hasn’t left you, He lives within you! 🙌 You are free from those chains by the blood of Jesus!

“Come out of hiding!”

He is a just God and He NEVER changes; His word was and always will be truth! 🙌 He is faithful! He makes good on His promises!

“Come out of hiding!”

You have been called by the Almighty! Do not ignore His calls. Rejoice for even being able to hear Him. Give praise for the work He wants and is doing through you. You are new! His grace is new every morning. His authority is greater than the power of the enemy!

So HE says again,

“Come out of hiding!”

We all have a purpose to fulfill and His joy and healing to receive. He will direct our ways! Trust Him. Strengthen your faith. Why choose to live your life out of the will that He has for it?

Kristen Newman

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