As Victims Heal, Their Pieces Are Put Back Together

Needed to share what was on my heart and I’m asking God why this bothers me. But here it goes:

When you’ve been a real victim to trauma in life, you feel covered as if you’re almost invisible. You internalize things. You react irrationally. You have bursts of anger. You question everything anyone says to you. You feel unworthy. You feel as if no one cares. You wear your trauma all over you from the inside out.

As you heal those wounds, dig up those roots and learn who you really are and how Christ sees you, the weight you carry becomes less and less. The real you becomes more visible to others. Your mask starts to fall off and you don’t even realize it until you look at yourself in the mirror and see yourself completely different.

A victim strives to be stronger. They want to be better. They don’t want to be the victim anymore and will grow, mature, and live their lives as if they’ve never been a victim at all. People will look at them and how they carry themselves and without ever knowing that person has endured many trying things. They will share their traumas with only the intention of possibly helping and supporting someone else. To show what God has done in their lives and what He is so willing to do in theirs. Real trauma victims, do not choose to let that keep them from their potential. It could take them years to recover but they try. They get help. They seek and reach for Christ consistently. Not everyday is perfect. They will have reactions and defense mechanisms that show up out of no where. But they work on healing those wounds.

Someone who WANTS to be a victim will always say how terrible their life is. They’ll make sure that everyone around them knows they have been hurt. They’ll always want pity from others. They will create their own “trauma” from the stories of others. They will continuously lie to themselves and those around them, in order to receive something they want. As long as those people keep playing the victim, they will never see their real full potential, they will never be grateful for the childhood, parents, or lives they have. They will be stuck within a lie of webs inside themselves. They will not show empathy or sympathy for others because they are too focused on the sympathy or empathy they could receive instead. When these type of people are always complaining about their terrible lives without a way of resolution, guard yourselves. Do not enable. Speak truth to them. Show them love with guidance. When they continuously refuse to put your words of wisdom, love, guidance, and help into action, let this be a sign that they themselves are their own victim and only God can change their way of thinking. It is not your burden to bare. Why do people want to be victims? I’ll never understand.

As you heal, Beloveds, your pieces will come back together. What was stolen from you, has now been returned. You may have a lot of missing pieces right now, but keep fighting and I Promise they will return.

Turning Wounds Into Wisdom,

You Him and Her 💜

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