“A Beacon in the Darkness”

“A Beacon in the Darkness”

God’s ultimate plan for your life reaches beyond the visions he’s given you for your family, business, ministry, and finances. He has positioned you in your culture as a singular point of light. A beacon in a world that desperately needs to see something divine, something that is clearly not of this world.

Above and beyond the achievements associated with your vision, he wants to draw people to himself. Our visions are means to a greater end, namely the glory of God and the salvation of men and women. This is his ultimate objective, his ultimate desire.

Have you ever prayed anything along these lines: “Father, let my light shine before people in such a way that they may see my good works and glorify you”?

I don’t hear prayers like that very often. Our prayers hover close to our personal visions and dreams. All too often we focus our prayer energies on trying to get God to bless something, change somebody, or grant us success with a project. Yet he is far more interested in the consistency of our light in environments where light is not appreciated. All our projects, dreams, and visions are merely potential opportunities for the Father to draw attention and people to himself.

When you pray for your family, don’t limit your request to “protection” and “blessing.” Pray that God would establish your family as a light in your community. Ask him to use your family relationships to attract others’ attention to him. Ask him to allow others to detect a divine element in your family’s life and lifestyle.

When you pray for financial and business success, ask God to grant it in such a way that those outside the faith sit up and take notice. Pray that the people around you would realize that your success was accomplished with the help of your God.

You are here to be a light to your world. You are a beacon in this dark night.

The success God grants you is not for your sake alone. It is a means to a much greater end. An eternal end. There is a divine potential in all that you do.

Put yourself in the shoes of the nonbelievers in your life. What do they see when they observe how you live your life?

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